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Thai Commercia Stamm January 2008

Thai Commercia Stamm

On Friday, January 12, 2008, TCS was created and held its first meeting in
the vicinity of Pattaya. Present were, Drum, Djeck, Catch and as honorary
guest, the latter's wife, Ursula.

It was decided that the long time expat Drum would become its first
permanent Secretary General. Upcoming isiting Commercianer in Bangkok /
Pattaya area are welcome to address their schedule to him, in order to
organise further meetings.

The meeting started at 5:00 pm, in order to promptly be able to open the
first bottle of white wine at beautiful sunset, which all could admire
from Djeck's terrace, overlooking the bay.

An excellent Thai Seafood Dinner followed, along with a surprisingly
superb bottle of Thai white wine, thanks to Drum's intimate Thai oenology

A fine cigar smoking on a nearby wine bar terrace topped the friendship's
renewal, with unfortunatey a lesser quality Australian wine.

You can imagine how animated the discussions were, touching all possible
teams, from the old school, old Commercia friends to new kind of sports,
like the Kaercher water tennis with Thai stray dogs (Drum) or some other
practices witnessed at the Shangri-La BKK by Djeck.

Both Drum and Djeck have a wealth of interesting stories to tell about
this area of the world.

A visit to TCS is highly recommended. Pictures shall follow.

The guest secretary

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